Calling all Vivien Leigh and/or Laurence Olivier fans, Anglophiles, English people, Londoners:

Durham Cottage, Vivien and Laurence Olivier’s love nest in Chelsea, London, was auctioned off today. As it isn’t a Grade Listed building (it’s old and has obvious historic value, so why it’s not listed is beyond me), it runs the risk of being drastically remodeled, or worse, demolished. 

It may be too late to do anything, but please sign this petition to ask English Heritage to intervene with a temporary grade listing. 

Even if you have no idea who Vivien Leigh or Laurence Olivier were, this building has historical value. Plus, it’s a colorful and quirky gem in a sea of brownstone near the Chelsea Royal Hospital. Please add your name to the list!


- Kendra Bean

Vivien Leigh biographer/Fan